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Your guide to sustainable pet parenting

From pet treats to toys, manufacturers are now offering products made with natural materials that are both environment and pet-friendly. Here’s how you can help reduce your furry buddy’s carbon footprint.


‘Natural products also improve pets’ health’

“I encourage my clients to use natural products, which include fruits or vegetables,” says Salomi Gupte, dog behaviourist, adding, “For grooming, I prefer using coconut oil and apple cider vinegar over products that have artificial ingredients. Many pet parents are now shifting to organic floor cleaners and other similar products, which improve their pets’ health and also protect the environment.”


‘Toys made with natural fibres are becoming popular’

Shivani Sharma, pet parent to both a dog and a cat, shares, “Pet toys made with synthetic material are harmful for the pet as well as the environment. Now, there are various toys available in the market that are made with natural fibres. Similarly, grooming salons have also started using natural products for pets.”

Natural pet products include:
• Pet food (like raw vegetables, fruits and eggs)
• Toys made with natural fibres
• Grooming products made with natural products (for instance, fruit facial options)
• Natural floor cleaners

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