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Why is important to train your dog?

Swati Tandon, Pet Expert

To be a good pet parent you don’t necessarily have to be an ethologist, all you have to be is observant, sensitive and smart. One needs to understand instincts and practice behavioural training. No one can teach you to be a good pet parent it’s just depends on how much are you in love your pet that decides how involved you will be. Training your dog is an important responsibility of a pet parent that we very often slack at, but why is training your dog important?

The most important reason is to teach them to coexist with us.It is important to teach them the rules of the house.It is also crucial to set their behaviour according to how we would like them to behave in the long run.When we adopt a puppy, initially we end up spending a lot of time with him.We enjoy playing, cuddling and spoiling our pups. It is difficult for us to behave sternly infront of those puppy eyes, but your melting heart can cause your dog to be ill-behaved for the rest of this life. As a dog’s behavioural instinct gets cemented in their early months and specially when they are introduced to their new homes, it is very important to train your pups from right the moment you get them home.

Dog trainer Varun Anand says “Dog training is a very crucial part of a dogs life. His well being, social skills also the behaviour of the dog depends upon how he is trained. Training also gives control to the owner over their dog in times necessary. With effective dog training dogs learn to appropriately respond in situations which would cause zero harm to them and their owners. Dog training also avoids unnecessary problematic behaviours to develop in a dog. If they are present then training helps to solve them in turn making the dog happier and adjustable. Dog training is also very good for the mental well being of a dog as it keeps them mentally stimulated and active resulting in fewer behavioural problems.Training helps the dog to adjust to the surroundings given the them by their human owners.”

A lot of people decide to hire dog trainers and delegate the job of training their dogs to them. In most of such cases the dogs don’t get trained and the owners end up in disappointment. This happens because the dog gets trained by the trainer and behaves appropriately only infront of the trainer. As pet parents we need to understand that we have to completely be involved in the process of training our dogs. A dog trainer can help in training your dog, guide and advise you. As you are the master of your dog it is important that you to practice commands with your dog urself. 

Training your dog doesn’t mean getting him ready to be a show dog or practicing circus like tricks with them.Training them to coexist with you in the same house is needed for them to understand your way of life and for them to be well behaved and friendly.

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