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Vineeta Bagga

I I , Vineeta Bagga was a small town girl being born and brought in a small town of Haryana. I had to shift to New Delhi due to my marriage. The huge cultural gap of the city had different impact on my persona. I had mixed feeling inside when I entered this city. The mindset and metropolitan culture was different for me. I could experience in day today life. Initially I completed 3 years of my stay at a software development firm with complete passion and dedication. Something was missing. I wanted to do something for others. It was out of my comfort zone. But I joined a school leaving my lucrative career aside. It gave me wings. It was IT BOOM time students were only knowing the jargon and nothing else. It took a positive leap in me. I became their facilitator, guide and mentor. I am enjoying my career as co -creator and co-learner. For last 24 years I have been in this field and touching thousands of lives it is giving me lots of happiness and satisfaction. I wish I could continue doing this for years to come and keep helping humanity in this noble cause.

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