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Vidhi Dasani

“As a girl, I would sit in the corner of the classroom, my head facing down. I was scared, scared to risk it all by even speaking a word. The others mocked me and bullied me, they told me I wasn’t enough, and deep down I believed them. I needed something to complete me, something that would make me, me. Only when I was 8 years old, I started writing, a form of self-expression on paper, something that did not involve speaking, or risking it all. Little did I know, writing is what would complete me.
And my mother held my hand and told me everything would be okay, she pushed me and motivated me. She told me to find my talent, from a diverse world full of them. I picked one, the paper and the pen. And when I would write, I would lose myself in the words and the lined pages. This is the time of my life when I wrote my first book, The inspiration.
Even after my first book, people around me would tell me to “focus on other things.” They would tell me to learn household activities and be a “girl.”
I expected a different response, but that is the time of my life, I realized what the world is like. The world is full of people, I don’t have control over, people who aren’t going to love me always, so I wrote a world of people who I did have control over, I wrote a world of people who wouldn’t judge. This time of my life, I published another book, pouring in all of my emotions into it, “Haunted” it’s called. It was written at the time when I was haunted by others’ words, the words of people who can’t see a girl doing anything in life.
I kept the paper and pen close to my heart and took a step forward, I walked out of my comfort zone, into the world, the vivid world.
That’s when I participated in a competition that would make up 11 months of my life.
India’s Top 20 under 20, a competition that no one believed I would win because I was just a little “girl”. But I put on a shield in between their words. When they said, “A girl can’t do it!”. I heard, “I challenge you, Let’s see how you do!”. I pushed myself off that cliff of comfort and landed in the ocean of opportunities. I worked hard everyday, I did all I could do, I didn’t listen to the narrow-minded people, I made them listen to me, I put my voice out there. And then, I WON! And I was featured in a magazine, and several newspapers, and I was interviewed. I was inspired. And I Inspired.
And at the end, I am not happy about proving them wrong, I am happy about proving that little scared girl wrong when she thought she wasn’t enough, she actually was more than enough.”

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