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Vandana Singh

“The story of mine would surely inspire the females who once lost confidence and gave it all infront of destiny and future.Well Hi this is Vandana ,a well settled female enterpreneur,Director of school and also having my own training institute and small Restaurant.I was working as a HR manager and then few ups and downs jolted my life and it began post my marriage .I was not prepared for this adversity of my life and went into cocoon and lost my confidence ,my outlook towards a life….a life that i aspired for.
They say ..parents are the best support for any individual and my retired father and my homemaker mom gave me all the courage in the world and stood like tiger behind me.I started working on myself ,my skills,and taking care of my responsibility towards my home and my child .
I started my first school in 2016 with lot of courage and vigour and now there is no looking back .Iam financially independent,well settled,have social status and above all have my world ..my parents and my child
Dear all nothing can deter you,when you have high dreams and aspirations and strong will power.
“”Believe in you and the world will change for You””.
All my wonderful ladies when i can start from scratch so can you .
Put that killer smile and rock the world….yes YOU CAN!!”

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