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Moore’s Law is an interesting example to gain perspective on how fast technology is changing around us. It states that every 18 months, the processing speed of a computer doubles. Which means that in 1971, a microprocessor that could fit 10,000 transistors, can feature over 10 billion today. Curiously, the rate of progress of technology has surpassed that very law. An accurate example of exponential growth to say the least.

We’ve come a long way today, with the development of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, which when combined, has changed the way we not only look at the future, but predict it, build it and modify it.

Far from building technology for the sake of science, subjects of the future have already transformed the world of finance and banking, it has also brought about ways of making healthcare personalized and digitized. We have even found ways of embracing cleaner energy with the development of sustainable processes.

Having challenged the existing structure of jobs across industries, technology is now writing a new narrative of careers driven by predictive sciences. It has now become imperative that the young workforce be fluent in the necessary skills that gives organizations the impetus to hire those built for the future.

Vired Conquer is a joint initiative created by Hero Vired and The Times of India, to enable and inspire changemakers of tomorrow through a unique Tech Challenge. It invites you, the one with disruptive ideas, to look at things differently, solve the unsolvable and redefine the future. The platform will empower you to decode a tech enabled tomorrow through Talks by Experts, Panel Discussions led by thought leaders, start-up founders and HR heads

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