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Throw the purr-fect b’day bash for your feline friends


Ringing in your cat’s birthday is all about celebrating your purr-fect buddy. While cats are considered to be a lot less social than dogs, they have a hidden party animal side to them too. So, why not pamper your cats on their special day with a cake, loads of toys, their favourite food, and some fancy outfits too?

Tulika Choudhury, a cat parent, shares, “I buy toys and treats for my cat whenever we throw a birthday party for her. She is not very fond of people, so her birthday parties are intimate with only her favourite people.” Pooja Choksi, a cat groomer and cat cake baker, shares, “Cat-friendly cakes and cupcakes, made with tuna or salmon bits, are perfect for such occasions.”

Tips on how to throw a birthday bash for your cat:

  • Get your cat toys and treats they love
  • Give them their fav food
  • Add cat-themed decor
  • Dress them up in cute oufits


Top cat cake flavours:

  • Tuna flavoured cake
  • Salmon cake
  • Chicken and lamb cakes
  • Mackerel cakes/cupcakes
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