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This winter, create a cosy corner for your feline baby


Winter is all about curling up and snuggling in your favourite quilt. So, how about making winters equally cosy for your feline babies?

Ahmedabad-based Megha Kshatriya, mom to 13 cats, adds, “Some of them love to sleep under my workstation table or my bed. To make these spots cosier, I have kept a few fleece pods and tents with soft blankets, small pillows and soft toys inside them.”

TV actress and cat parent Prakriti Nautiyal adds, “I have made a small, cosy corner for my cat where they can take their naps and are warm. I have a rug/bed made of faux fur; I keep lots of feather-based toys, catnips and softballs around the corner.”

how to have a cosy corner

  • Keep bowls of food and water nearby
  • Keep easily breakable things away from their reach
  • Cats really love feather sticks, dangling toys and surprise treats
  • You can add some foliage near their corners for them to hide in
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