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Things to remember while raising your kids and furry babies together



Welcoming a baby is a life-changing experience. And for pet parents, becoming parents to an offspring feels twice as wonderful. However, while it’s great to watch them bond, it is imperative to be prepared for the challenges of raising them together.


Getting your furry baby used to the changes that will come once the baby arrives is very important. Sonam Keswani, a veterinarian, shares, “Preparing for the birth of a baby can lead to many changes. From having to move furniture, making new ones, renovating one’s house to even moving places, so many new things can easily overwhelm pets. They might react to these changes by hiding or appearing hostile. It is important to prepare them for the changes and be clear about how much interaction they would have with the baby. Taking time out for them and getting them used to the new member of the family can help.”


Unfamiliarity can make your pet agitated. Vandana Shah, a pet parent and a new mother, shares, “While I was pregnant, I got my dog used to the sounds of a baby crying. Also, after the baby comes, our attention would be needed there. So, my husband and I tried to get our dog used to the idea of not having us around constantly.  After I gave birth, I slowly introduced our dog to the scents of our baby. You must constantly remind your pet that you still care and ensure that they adjust to the new surroundings.”


BOX 1:

Tips for raising your baby and pet together:

  • While preparing for the birth of a child, make your pet get accustomed to the changes in the house
  • Keep a dedicated spot/room for your pet to spend time when you are busy with the baby

.        Before introducing your pet to the baby, get them used to their sounds and scents

  • Take help from friends and family members who can walk your pet or take care of them when your baby needs your attention
  • Give your pet your time whenever you can. A 10 minute snuggle can make them happy too


BOX 2:

Things to remember when pets and young children are together:

  • Don’t let your pets around babies without training them first
  • Keep a check on how your children play with pets. Many young children can get unruly with pets, which can lead to accidents
  • Young children should not be given complete responsibility of a pet
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