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The lowdown on pet sanitisers


The pandemic has shot up the demand for sanitizers – not just for humans, but pets too! Pet care brand Wiggle India recently launched an alcohol-free sanitizer for pets. “We wanted to ensure that all pets receive the same kind of protection as humans. Our sanitizer also calms the pet through aromatherapy,” says Anushka Iyer, CEO, and founder, Wiggles.in, adding, “The first batch sold out in days.” Similarly, the company Heads up For Tail has come up with water-based sanitizer for pets’ paws and coats made up of H2O, salt, and HOCl (Stabilised Hypochlorous). ”It gives you a safe, natural, and convenient way to kill germs on your pet’s paws and body. It is suitable for dogs, cats, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig and birds, and has no chemicals like ammonia, dyes, synthetic fragrances, etc,” it states.


“Sanitisers kill bacteria and there are certain bacteria that are healthy for pets. If chemicals are used to clean them, then that might lead to problems,”  says veterinarian Dr Jeya Bharath, adding, “If the ingredients are natural and organic, then it shouldn’t be a problem. At the same time, these products are not required in the case of pets, who cannot carry the infection” According to the International Organization for Animal Health, though there have been few cases of animals being infected, “the pandemic is driven by human to human transmission” i.e. there is little chances of one getting the disease from their pets.  

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