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The Economic Times : Digital Leadership Dialogue: Technology Drives Business of Tomorrow

Today, technology and digital leaders are expected to provide the Digital foundation for differentiated customer experience and faster service innovation. They are leading the change to deliver higher business value using the right blend of digital technologies including hybrid or multi cloud, cloud native apps, security & governance tools as well as distributed workspace setting themselves up for their next phase of growth.

And we believe technology and the role of CIOs will be imperative in defining the next leap for any organization.


Key Talking Points

  • Key opportunities and areas of growth in scaling the businesses.
  • Challenges faced by organizations in future-proofing their business with the growth of data.
  • Technology is reshaping the customer expectations. How does this impact your business? What are the kind of digital solutions you have adopted to enhance customer experiences and business continuity?
  • Building and/or growing the agile practices to drive remote delivery.
  • Empowering distributed workforce and protect critical apps & data.
  • Managing enterprise apps with freedom and control across multiple cloud environment and/or data centres.
  • Delivering apps on cloud of choice to provide consistent developer experience.
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