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The Economic Times and Veritas Present | Power of Data: Embracing Flexible Data Governance

With organizations generating more & more data, there is an increasing need to improve data accessibility and derive more value from it. As a result, data governance issues – around how organizations manage, use, and share data across the value chain has gained increasing prominence, probably more so than ever.

According to a recent Gartner report, it’s expected that by 2022 as many as 90% of corporate strategies will recognize their data as a critical business asset, making Governance in the digital age a necessary event for all governance professionals. Going forward, organizations that devise a well-thought out strategy for data management and adopt technologies that tie together well are the most likely to succeed in unlocking their data’s value.


Key Talking Points

  • How to protect and leverage data assets for business outcomes at the edge, on-premises, or on any platform, any cloud in a multi-cloud and multi-hybrid environments
  • How organization are simplifying and modernizing their data protection to embrace new digital challenges
  • Is your technology stack flexible enough to accommodate different types and generations of infrastructure—from the data center to the cloud?
  • How to protect an increasingly diverse environment with minimal operational overhead
  • Organizations use data to manage and govern so many aspects of their business, why not manage data with data?
  • Data sovereignty laws are privacy legislation: Is your enterprise prepared?
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