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The Economic Times and Veritas Present | Countering the Ransomware Threat

In today’s world, ransomware attacks around the globe have gone up exponentially in 2021 compared to 2020. Cyber-attacks and ransomware incidents are one of the most pressing threats faced by India’s Public and Private sectors. As per a private research report, India has witnessed a staggering 102% overall increase in the number of organizations affected by ransomware compared to the beginning of 2020.

Several cyber security experts have advocated for concerted efforts that goes beyond endpoint protection and encompasses many different security tools and controls to thwart this threat of ransomware attacks.


Key Talking Points

  • With cybercriminals becoming more intelligent in their approach than ever. How do organization educate users on the types of attacks and bridge the cyber skills gap to safeguard their systems in an age of ransomware?
  • Did your organization see increased threat perception due to the new paradigm of remote work? What are some cybersecurity measures the company has taken in the last few months to address the enhanced threat perception?
  • Different surveys have shown that ransomware recovery cost is more than doubling every year.
  • Multiple reports suggest that the number of instances of ransomware is growing every year and rising very fast. Worse, the number organizations that pay ransom every year is increasing, adding to the scale of the problem.
  • Ransomware solution beyond recovery of data from backups. How can companies have a malware recovery plan that can help companies prepare in advance?
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