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The Economic Times and Veritas Present | Building trust with Technology

With the slew of cyberattacks and data breaches incidents recorded in 2021, businesses today are exposed to a wide variety of security and privacy challenges than ever before. As the threat landscape keeps evolving, technology leaders are working overtime to prevent breaches from happening by detecting and orchestrating actions to neutralize these threats before they strike. Going forward, it’s important for businesses to plan ahead and put data backup systems into place with a clear recovery plan to protect business-critical data.


Key Talking Points

  • How IT leaders are deploying technology and data to seamlessly integrate functions, and new business & operating models.
  • Maintain resilience and visibility with stakeholders while managing risk across your technology portfolio
  • Modernizing and automating IT, addressing technology debt and improving security to compete in technology and data-intensive business environment
  • In the face of a new and diverse threat landscape, how do companies ensure the safety and security of the data, no matter if they are in the cloud or on-premise. What are some of the challenges faced by companies?
  • Did your organisation see increased threat perception due to the new paradigm of remote work? What are some of the information security measures adopted by companies in the last few months to address the enhanced threat perception? Two years after COVID, what are some of the learnings?
  • Different surveys have shown that ransomware recovery cost is more than doubling every year. What are some of best of the ‘Prevention is better than cure’ approach? 
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