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The COVID infodemic: The rise of fearmongering through fake news.

Social media, which connects and catalyzes change, can also be a minefield of fake news and falsehoods. These messages are an example of the steady, constant stream of misinformation spreading through platforms and networks which link families, friends, and associates. The undercurrent of anxiety and panic is palpable.

It is for this very reason Times Verified was launched to tackle the epidemic of fake news which hampered the Covid-19 response, a series of informative webinars are being organized to help readers understand the menace of fake news and tips/tricks to fight these.

The first webinar of this series is on the Covid Infodemic which examines how various important stakeholders are trying to assuage fears and ensure that Indians get authentic information.


Key Talking Points

  • The webinar focuses on how various important stakeholders are trying to assuage fears and ensure that Indians get authentic information.
  • Understanding the threat that fake news poses to the society 
  • The pandemic saw the rise of a wide variety of fake news categories including promotion of homemade remedies to cure COVID, false reporting on the number of cases and deaths and vaccine conspiracy theories. The webinar will discuss on how to deal with this rising menace of fake news.  
  • Several factors have been implicated in the spread of fake news, such as political polarization, post-truth politics, motivated reasoning, confirmation bias, and social media algorithms. How can one reduce the spread of such news?
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