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Style your kitty right from ribbons and bows, to sweaters and mittens – keep your feline cosy and chic


When styling your kitty, it’s important to pick clothes that aren’t just ‘cute’ but also comfortable. Much like any other aspect of their lives, cats are extremely picky about clothes too. Here are some fuss-free ways to make your feline more fashionable.

The purr-fect winter outfits

Cat clothing can be very beneficial for the colder months. Think sweaters and mittens that are easy to remove and scarves in cute prints. Cats who hate full-body outfits might tolerate a scarf. For parties, get them a tuxedo with a bow-tie or a fancy ribbon

Pick THE RIGHT fabric

Bulky clothing restricts their movements, while itchy clothes can irritate cats. Fabrics they might snag their claws in, or which keep slipping off, won’t work. Choose soft fabrics, less frills

Don’t force it

It’s important to ease them into the process. “Try offering them treats to set the mood, and help them associate being dressed up with positive emotions. Start by placing their head through the clothes. If they show reluctance, you must slow down. Never force your cat,” says cat owner and stylist Chaitni Shetty.

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