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Study in top European universities with affordable tuition fees

Wondering if you will get into top universities in European countries!! That too with affordable fees or even free of cost? Then you’re at the right place.
If you are a student with a good score and want to graduate from the best universities in European countries, then your parent’s income isn’t an issue. The best universities of top European countries like Germany, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and much more are offering a free cost (tuition fees) education in association with the European Union.
Europe can be an excellent study abroad destination. Europe is the house to many prestigious universities like Cambridge, Oxford, ETH Zurich, and TU Munich which are ranked among the very best 250 universities listed on the planet.

What is free education in Europe?
Free education means European countries offer affordable study options for international students. The universities in Europe have tuition fee-free options otherwise you’ll pursue your degree at a low cost. It helps students from the middle and class to induce quality education free.

Countries offering free education in Europe
Germany, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, and Iceland are some of the European countries which provide free education to international students.

European Government Scholarships for Foreign Students
British Chevening Scholarships (UK)
The UK government’s global scholarship program Chevening Scholarships are awarded to outstanding scholars from Chevening-eligible countries around the world. Awards are typically for a one-year Master’s degree. Most Chevening Scholarships cover tuition fees, a living allowance at a group rate (for one individual), an economy class return airfare to the UK, and additional grants to cover essential expenditures.
Holland Scholarships
The Holland Scholarship is meant for international students from outside the EU Economic Area (EEA) who want to do their Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree at participating Universities in Holland. The scholarship amounts to € 5,000 which you’ll receive within the primary year of your studies.
Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students (Switzerland), Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program (France), VLIR-UOS Scholarship Awards (Belgium), DAAD Scholarships with Relevance to Developing Countries (Germany) are a variety of the scholarship offered by European countries. Apart from these many other institutions offer scheme-based scholarships which can be explored at the time of admissions.

Looking for a part-time job??
When attempting to search out an appropriate job, it is vital to need several things into account, just as the laws in your country of study, and whether there is a limit to the number of hours you will be ready to work per your visa type, if applicable. Different countries have different regulations when it involves work available to international students, so it’s important to check them before applying for jobs. Other important things you want to take into consideration are your studies and lifestyle – employment should have minimal impact on your education.
Customer Service related jobs, Restaurants, and Bars, Call Centers, Volunteering, Internship are some of the common part-time jobs available for international students.

Post-graduation job opportunity
The European job market possesses some astonishing obstructions, as national complexities between the countries of Europe show themselves in several languages at the same time as indifferent enlistment practices.
Firstly, you should get your EU Blue Card. The EU Blue Card is the work and residence permit for non-European Union (EU) / European Economic Area (EEA) nationals. It gives holders overall socio-economic rights, alongside a path towards permanent residence and eventually, the possibility of citizenship in the country of residence. Through the EU Blue Card, EU Member States can offer the possibility to stay within the EU for 12 consecutive months after graduation in order to search for a job in the host country.

Germany, France, the UK, Netherland, and Spain are some of the European countries which offer great job opportunities.

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