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We believe the best way to equip oneself for the new future, enabled by technology, is to hear about it from the experts; the Entrepreneurs, Founders & Thought Leaders who have rewired their lives by conquering new thinking and new skills.

Talks that will be inspirational and open new vistas on skill development, learning and success


Key Talking Points

  • What skill does the innovator’s mind need to develop in college and the early years of working?
  • What should be the approach to re-skilling and learning while a young professional is at work?
  • The topic says – Inside the innovator’s mind. How does Pranav Mistry think before he works on a technology to make products?
  • How should the youth think about developing new products and/or services?
  • What factors should be considered when aiming for the sky, if you have an innovative bent of mind?
  • You may be great at innovation. How does have a sharp business acumen make the product that people are looking for?
  • How can formal or classroom education help drive the innovation mindset? Or, can it?
  • How can India’s youth play a larger part in the global tech revolution? As a country, we still seem to be at the fringes?
  • Did you ever think that the technologies that you worked on could disrupt and reshape industries? At what stage did you realise that you were doing that?
  • What key qualities should the disruptors of tomorrow have?
  • In all your interactions with the Indian tech community, which city has the best raw material to be the disruptor using technology?
  • Your email is public. How many emails do you, typically, get in a day? How do you manage to go through them? Any tech that helps you?
  • How can the average person take care of the digital junk?
  • India is a giant for tech outsourcing services? How can it identity its niche is products and breakthrough technologies?
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