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Single children and their pets- Having a best friend at home

In a changing society like ours we have seen family structures moving to nuclear setups from traditional joint families. Expensive cost of living is a also a major reason that both parents are working these days. In such setups it is commonly seen that children feel lonely and neglected, specially single children. In a lot of cases we see that parents choose to get their child a pet.

Here is why its important for a single child to have a pet. A pet can never be a replacement for a sibling or other family members but it surely can fill an emotional void for the child.Growing up with a pet teaches the kid a lot of things.

Most parents struggle to teach their single children to be emphatic. When a single child grows up with a pet in the house he/she learns to be more sensitive and caring. Ishita a mother of a 4 year old says “my son is 4 but he understands when my dog is in pain.” Another quality that these fur balls teach our children is to be observant. Pulkit has an 11 year old daughter he says “she knows exactly when he wants to go out for a walk or when is hungry.” Its important to be caring, sensitive and observant when taking care of these speechless animals, and these are the qualities that a child learns and builds on his character in his/her early years.

Responsibility is another reason why a child should grow up with a pet. We all want to provide and pamper our child with everything that we have. Everything that happens in a house is either for the child or keeping the child in mind. Charu Bhoj, mother of a 6 year old says “ When I introduced her to the dog its was like she had a child of her own to take care off.” Keeping a pet teaches the kid to be responsible about the needs of the pet. Giving the responsibly of basic pet needs to the child like his food, walks or doctors appointments can make a child very organised.

The hardest part of being parent is to teach our kids the concept of life and death. Keeping a pet teaches them this in the most realistic way possible. Being a pet parent makes you see the entire cycle of getting a young puppy or a kitten home, taking care of the pet, seeing him grow up and then grow old to one day loosing him or her. This teaches us the entire cycle of life.

Having a pet is like having a best friend at home with you.A pet in the house surely becomes the stress buster for everyone and keeps your child occupied in the most constructive way.Taking care of a pet teaches us to be kind, selfless, caring and responsible. This builds your child’s character making them better human beings in the easiest and Nobel way possible.

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