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Sinchana Rai

I am a student from Greenwood High, Bangalore. I have started an organization called “Avaligagi” which translates to ‘for her’ in Kannada. Through this organization, I plan to tackle the various obstacles that women face. Through a series of articles, alliances, and campaigns, Avaligagi aims towards a positive change for women living in underprivileged societies. The motto of Avaligagi is “Empowering Women, one by one.”

Through this organization, I have tried to spread awareness on breast cancer and cervical cancer in underprivileged societies.

One of the best ways to promote women’s empowerment is by encouraging young girls to go to school. There are several girls in Rural areas don’t go to school when they are on their period, and they cannot access and dispose of pads in a hygienic way. “Pad Box” is an initiative taken up by Avaligagi to promote menstrual hygiene. I want to promote and support the supply of pads in school through this initiative.

‘She Can” is another initiative of Avaligagi to provide career guidance through experts to girl students in schools and colleges, by creating awareness about opportunities in education and empower women through education and upskilling. We spread awareness about the STEM education for Rural area girls and help them to prepare for Karnataka CET exams by providing preparation materials.

Avaligagi also works with Aged Women in helping them in creating the awareness about the widow and old age pension schemes. By spreading awareness on these schemes, we help more and more people who are eligible to avail the benefits of these schemes and have a more secure life.

Avaligagi has been an idea in my head for a very long time, with the help of my parents, I’ve finally been able to contribute and make a change in the society through Avaligagi

– Sinchana Rai / Greenwood High, Bangalore

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