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Shivani Ajaykumar Bhanvadia

“Women’s day special

I Shiavni Bhanvadia Patel, an aspirant plant scientist, voyager (solo traveller) & art lover. Always curious to untangle the code of life of Homo-sapiens, the most ambiguous creature on this planet. I did my schoolings from central government schools, Kendriya Vidyalaya, V. V. Nagar. Just like typical small-town girl, I perceived my higher education in BSc. Agricultural with Hons. Since childhood I am always included towards plants, therefore I applied at Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands. Consistently world ranking 1st Agri. University according to QS ratings. All thanks to my beloved parents and specially my daddy and mom for their enormous support and motivation. Otherwise it was impossible for me to get such a wonderful exposure. At Wageningen, I not just gained technical things but learn skills such as punctuality, time management and networking. I can proudly say that I have True Friends across the globe, no matter wherever I go. This is the real treasure that I archived at But, being a married Indian girl, my biggest irony is that I am unable to repay all those favours that my parents did happy for me. I feel extremely pity when my little brain recalls those wonderful memories that we had spent in those to villas, which are not ours anymore. As they are sold unapologetically for my higher education and the wedding ceremony.
Apart from that my EC engineer, Mother India quit her job and willingly graved her passion for the sake of family and precisely for nurturing my future. I think I am extremely privilege to have crazy parents like that. So, one thing that flickers in my mind every now & then is that how can I repay these?? But my beloved parents immediately replied that, practice the same for your family when it’s needed. Honestly, now I understand the worth of their sacrifices in just 6Th month of my marriage. I myself experience how difficult it is to maintain right balance between your personal and professional life. But it solely depends on the mindset and values of both the families. I wish every daughter and wife will blessed by FATHER & HUSBAND like my dad. So, during the entire journey of 25 years what I learned is being a woman stop crying or bagging for your rights, but learn to unapologetically fight to get you rights. As society overlook the fact that “after every progressive woman, there is a most supportive parents and partner.
My guru mantra: Life is like and ice-cream, therefore enjoy every single bite of it before it gets melts!!!!

Supporting link: https://www.hzpc.com/hzpc-news/from-planting-to-sowing-germination”

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