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Shilpi Dua

Shilpi Dua is an Architect and Product Service Designer with an experience of about 14 years in her field. Shilpi is an Entrepreneur, an innovator and a passionate design professional with a forte of working with sustainable construction methods and materials. She believes that disruptive design ideas can bring significant revolution in the society. In 2017, after completing her 2nd Masters in Design from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, she started her own startup named ‘Hexpressions’ in Jaipur, India with her partner in March 2018. She gained global recognition for innovating in sustainable construction technology.

Hexpressions is a product service innovation providing affordable, fast, modular & sustainable homes to all sections of the society using a new age construction material “Composite Paper Honeycomb Panel”. This new age wonder material can replace the traditional construction materials & reducing the carbon footprint on the planet ( by 80% ). The project largely focuses on environmental issues (paper waste) & societal issues (housing affordability & social integration) addressing housing affordability crisis & social exclusion from our society. Aim of the project is to support underserved communities with permanent shelter. The solution empowers people by providing training & skill development to build their own homes & live a dignified life.

She strongly believes that a healthy mind can bring out of the box ideas and innovations, so her professional works are always amalgamated by other activities like yoga, meditation, swimming, running, photography, and traveling. As a woman, she feels that she is privileged to do multiple roles simultaneously in my life, despite the fact that the priority of roles changes according to the situation.

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