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Shetty Mala Sanjeev

SonShine Memorablia… SATEJ
A matter of love, the more you love a memory the stronger & stranger May be different in Memoirs…Tribulations…Agonies…’Time heals all wounds’ “One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.” Memories go back to 1980 to 1982.. till 1990
My son had gone through.. a Fall, Femur bone fracture, Damage in Brain, My & his struggle .Destiny, as his speech impaired, though he could hear & grasp slowly. We consult a Doctor who suggests injections to be imported from Lab.in West Germany….. Lucky enough to get them fast through good Samaritans in West Germany. Woman, every day is a Woman’s Day! As we were travelling back after my son SATEJ, injected on his Back Bone, had become stiff like a log.Taxi driver stops the car on the way as car engine gone very hot, will cool with some water, bringing water in a glass many times,indicating waste of time, thereby his meter reading going high for long.we reached the railway station to catch a train & while leaving the taxi I just gave him Rs 11/- minimum fare . He said you have to pay as per meter reading… as I got down with carrying my son who was still dizzy & sleepy with injection,came charging to me & attack me, crowd who were walking towards the station stopped him. I decided myself that I will deal with strong Heart ..strength future of me and my son… though the injection given was to make his brain work better… it made his bones better he could walk initially with difficulty, speech impaired forever… but I took him everywhere…in India as well as Overseas… as to make him strong.. Deal with time
Goal- my own family members respect him with equality & unbiased. Feelings start from Home. it reaches across the Globe…. His sibling would not tolerate anyone insulting him.It is UNIVERSAL.. an individual SEEKS ATTENTION. Being NEUTRAL.. makes a CHANGE… Treating as NORMAL eases problem.I felt Direct EYE Contact helped me Understand as We call them Differently Abled.I never felt so anytime, starting and running an Autistic School, With parents of darling, pearl,gems
I felt May be we can’t change the mind-set of all.I felt my Son would think twice or thrice to come in open if not properly dressed.. As against, I felt many Normal it makes my Heart sink with despair…
we say these special children don’t listen and follow out instructions. I request world at large that sometimes they are BEST FROM THE REST! Memories linger on.. Even last 2 days before his death, Satej, did not sleep at night may be felt that he will leave the World soon.. hence have a deep & loving look while Alive!

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