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Shashi M.S

Being the eldest most of 4 girls in the house & facing society (in 1970’s and 80’s) was not easy. If you know what I mean..

I was the sister, friend and mom for my 3 younger sisters. While my dad was a government official and never got time for us – we had to juggle through our life’s.

The colleges then didn’t even had a bathroom for girls – that was a message that this was not for YOU.

After years of struggle and fighting the life together – we all are now proud of what we achieved.

I am a head mistress at a school while my youngest most sister become one of the first few software engineers in the country.

That’s the message I want to give out today – we have come a long way in breaking the glass Cealing generations by generations – it’s up to the current generation to take the baton to next stage – where no one delays opportunity to YOU because you are a Women

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