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Save Ecology Begin by planting trees

Judaism teaches us that the earth belongs to the Lord and that people are mere players, partners and coworkers who assist God in protecting the destruction of fruitbearing trees in time of warfare.The Talmudic sages also prohibited the waste of unnecessary destruction of all objects.We are to regard things as God’s property and use them with a sense of responsibility for wise human purpose and potential benefit to humanity, destroy nothing and waste nothing. Life is a gift;we need to revere it. We are one earth community, one human family and we share one destiny. We cherish and respect the rich diversity of life,and celebrate the beauty of Vasundhara, earth, the greatest gift and sacred trust.

Now the earth is threatened with destruction. In the name of human progress and development, there is growing devastation of nature. Preserving natural diversity from the onslaught of human activity is a challenge before all of us. People could be both protectors and destroyers of the environment.Water bodies which give us life are used as dumps for our waste, life-sustaining forests are destroyed for commercial gain.The soil that nurtures us is squandered for profit to benefit a few.

We have become alienated from ourselves, from one another, and from Nature. When God created the world,He made order out of primal chaos, the Bible informs us.The sun, moon and stars, plants, animals, and ultimately, the human being,each have been created with a rightful and necessary place in the universe.They were not to encroach on each other. Festivals celebrate the cycle of natural seasons. Despite its limited geographical area, Israel has an extraordinarily varied landscape and a rich array of flora and fauna. There are more than 10,000 different species of indigenous wild plants, and in high numbers in relation to the area. A tree has not fulfilled itself until it can provide shade, give fruit or be of value to others.

In fact, the tree attains a measure of immortality when it can scatter its seeds throughout the world, and thus,make sure that what it has created will be implanted, and in time continue to produce.We must learn to be tolerant and patient like a tree, because the tree gives shade to all, whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Environmental problems have attracted the attention of a cross section of people all over the world as there are a variety of issues:Pollution of air,water and food; global warming; ozone layer depletion; acid rain; famines; droughts; floods; scarcity of fuel, firewood and fodder; hazardous chemicals and radiation. No region in the world has been spared nor any citizen untouched. The solution to global environmental problems can be found only through international cooperative action to which each nation contributes the most of what it can. Ecologist Frank Fraser Darling says that the trouble with ecology is that everyone will become sick and tired of the world before they find out what it means.Virtually, all of us wish a world without trash, dirt, disease, pollution, noise, strife, poverty and degradation of environment. Therefore, let us take a small step first — plant a tree every day.

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