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Fb. In. Tw.

Sarita Dhir

Having arrived in a new India in 1947 from across the border, the little 6 year old girl, grew up learning only how to fight all odds. Strangely life also served her the same throughout. But the braveheart, fought against all odds, hard times, to sustain herself and her 4 children. A saint husband and spiritual family were her blessings, but materialistic sustenance needed to be addressed ! She strived, worked tirelessly from morning 4am to 10 pm at night! Her only focus being her children, educating them, settling them in life! And wasn’t she successful!! They spread their wings successfully and took off!! That has been her joy and pride. Today at 83 yrs, she carries the baggage of ill health caused by years of striving!! But her spirit continues to fight once again and her will power makes her cross all barriers.
Blessed are the children to have a mom as her! Salute you Mrs Khera!!
And I happen to be one of them! Happy Women’s Day Mom! We love you!

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