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Sahana Prasad

Ironically, my problem was that I had no problem! I had the privilege of an upper-middle-class family, education, intelligence n good looks. The only thing lacking was motivation. I just wanted to get married n ‘settle down’! This hindered my further studies and I got sucked into a typical Indian marriage. It was only when the honeymoon period was over that I realized I had a choice, either to be only a housewife and daughter-in-law or to pursue a career and get the best of both worlds. It wasn’t easy as a little baby had made its entrance by then. My husband and parents supported me while I struggled to manage home, family, and further studies. Being an only child, it wasn’t easy for me to get along with mean-minded colleagues and a tough work environment. Interpersonal relationships were my weak point. Everything and anything flustered me and I got worked up and tensed at the slightest thing. I couldn’t bear even the slightest nonnegativity or conflict. However, I recognized my weakness and struggled to overcome it. Reading books, discussing with well-wishers helped me not to fall into depression but rise over petty things. I turned a deaf ear to anyone who tried to pull me down. I completed my Ph.D. at the ripe age of 51 and learned new software at the age of 48!I started writing when I was 42 and felt proud that I turned out to be a good mother as my kids excelled in their life. It wasn’t easy and I paid a price with my health. As I developed lifestyle diseases, I understood that I have to get fit n mentally tough. I am proud that every adversity I faced, personal or professional, has made me stronger and hasn’t broken me. I am a mentor and volunteer at 3NGOs where I support n lend shoulders to girls. I tell them that they should be strong, physically and mentally, as emotions are the ones that pull a woman down, especially when it’s not contained and controlled.

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