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Rinku Bhagat

My college life:-
Little did I know that the lectures were teaching me patience. Finding the tutorial rooms was preparing me to choose the right destination. Cultural programs increased my self-confidence. Short trips to close-by mall gave me a glimpse of small struggles in the future, on my way to the office. The projects taught about coordination in work-life. Training and Placement cell explained about professional help. Laboratories demonstrated that whatever was learned, had to be implemented for results. The faculty coached me that personality matters. Food-Mess taught that there is a queue for things. Little did I know that the attendance in the hostel at night was educating me to be present where I am supposed to be.

After college:-
I was elated to get campus placement. I explored the city of Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi. Good things unfolded eventually. After working for 4 years, I chose to get married. That was a huge turning point in my life, again. I switched to academics and taught M.B.A students. I conceived and had to take a break from my work life. Child caretaking demanded some more time. I opted for Doctoral research then and the topic focused on women’s economic empowerment. I wrote my thesis heartedly and discovered my love for writing. Meanwhile, my daughter turned 2-years old and I learned about child psychology. I wrote my first parenting book co-authored with my husband where we share our experiences. Now, my two daughters help me with ideas for my literary works.

About me:-
I have published nine books as of now. Overall, more than 70 publications. I established Greenhath Products, which gives a work-from-home opportunity to rural women. I am a social policy analyst and educator in gender, women empowerment, management, and parenting (as said above). I am enthusiastic about social change through storytelling and behavioral nudges. I talk at events to counsel women and youth on domains of life. I have contributed and presented policy briefs at the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, UK, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. I delivered guest lectures at Allahabad University, Jaipuria, and Amity University. I blog with UN Women Asia & Pacific, Jagran, Times of India, Amar Ujala, and other Hindi language newspapers. I have a keen interest in social writing and poster designing; Song published with T-series. I like to write columns on environmental aspects. I have been awarded by Purvanchal University and the Indian Institute of Public Administration.

I believe that one must ‘Stay Happy, Spread Happiness’. Thank you.

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