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RETAIL NXT: The Future of CX

India is going through a retail revolution like never before. Brands have a great opportunity to take their messaging to the consumer. One of the major challenges they face is in delivering an omni-channel approach to the consumer. For retail companies that is critical. How can retail companies drive the omni-channel approach in the post-pandemic digitally driven world?

Getting consumers used to a better experience can help brands win them as they embark on their digital journey. How can the consumers’ journey be made better with digital interventions that he could relate to?


Key Talking Points

  • A seamless experience for the customer
  • The pace of digital adoption in retail both from consumer POV and retailer POV
  • Driving the omnichannel approach
  • Transitioning to hybrid models
  • Scaling up with smart digital interventions
  • Is digital transformation democratized in Retail or is it for the chosen few?
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