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Reha Prasher – 10 Year old Author

The Girl Who Wrote

REHA PRASHER, only ten years old, is already a published author ! Titled Allen Vs Ron , the plot of this book revolves around two brothers in middle school , their funny mishaps, their hopeless love lives and the hilarity that ensues. Inspired by Jeff Kenny and Rachel Renee Russel , Reha landed herself In the literary club because of her love for irrevocable bond with books.
In third grade after she attempted a short story that her teachers and parents lauded , Reha went on to breathe life into her characters Allen and Ron , which culminated in this book.
Self proclaimed book lover herself , who draws inspiration from her surroundings she makes sure to keep her characters distinct and relatable for kids.

The quirky characters , punch lines and one liners are what will keep readers hooked on this catchy book. Besides the writing , what’s incredible is that the illustrations in the book are done entirely by Reha , which is applause worthy.

“ I couldn’t believe I could write a book ! The overwhelming response from my friends and even grown-ups has been the greatest motivation” – gushes this little writer. Reha who has already sketched the outline of the character for her next book is a also a Shakespeare fan and intends to write as long as the writing bug keeps her brain cells whirring.

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