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Rashmi Ghosh

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession with over 20 years of teaching Finance at various Business schools. My life turned topsy turvy five years back when I lost my husband and mother within a span of three months. With great courage and determination I took care of my old father and guide my twenty year son into his education and dreams of study abroad. This is the time to break free from a regular paying job as a Professor and I then decided to pursue my passion to become a Visual artist. I was selected for a two years mentorship program by Kalanirvana, Orissa, India and also enrolled for the coaching program called ArtNxtLevel by Chicago based artist Sergio Gomez. I have nowstarted working on an art project on Stepwells of India called : “Descent into India’s Incredible Stepwells”. I am mentored by international renowned artist Drew Harris for this project. This is a ongoing research based, self- funded project that takes me traveling into the Heartland of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka to document these structures. I am coming up with mixed media art and multi disciplinary art and am planning a Solo show next year with the help of Curator Nalini Malaviya. My project highlights the need for water conservation and rain water harvesting and a need to understand the delicate water topography of a particular region. Human life is intricately connected to the availability of water and I question through my art whether we are doing enough and we could bring back our ancient wisdom in water management. India could become a pioneer in this and be a beckon of light to humanity. I am looking for government or institutional funding for my project.

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