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Priyanka Bhuyyan

It is always easy to write and say stories about something that we heard of , but what about the stories that were untold. We have all grown up listening and reading the Mahabharata, but how many of us know that post war all the sons of both Kauravas and Pandavas were killed and it was one woman who continued the lineage of the Kurus and is also worshipped as a deity at India’s famous shrine Jagannath Puri. To bring such stories about untold woman characters to the Indian masses, i wrote Chronicles of Kuru Woman Vol 1: Krishna’s Sister which chronicled the life of Devi Subhadra, sister of Lord Krishna and wife of Arjuna. It reached a ranking of num 1 on Amazon and it further inspired me to give a voice to more such inspiring women. And my second book in the series Duryodhans Queen is the first book in India to be written on Bhanumati.

My main aim behind writing is to inspire todays youth that life was not easy even for them but the same qualities we need to inculcate, also i want everyone to take pride in the heritage of their country. India was a country where there was no gender bias and in ancient India , womam were at par with man whether in knowledge, warfare or administration. Majority of my readers are girls and when they DM me on Instagram that they could co relate with the characters and could feel their pain and struggle and now are inspired i feel my job is done as an author. I have often spoken in my live shows that when you start writing about Queens you live like one. We remember them because they broke stereotypes and they didnt give up even in adverse situations. I plan to continue with the Kuru woman series and bring forward more such stories to readers.

I was recently awarded as the best India Author by Criticspace Literary Awards for Duryodhans Queen and 1000 Woman of Asia by Womannovator Global Summit. Apart from Writing , I am an avid equestrian and a Manager at NTPC

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