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Plan a pet-friendly staycation


Staycations continue to rule travel trends, but leaving your pet behind at home as you head out for a holiday can be hard. Well, worry not, several hotels and resorts are now turning pet-friendly, in order to ensure that both you and your pet get the five star treatment.

Interior designer Garima Desai, who treated herself and her pooch Daisy to a ‘pawsome’ holiday recently, says, “I booked a room for us both at a hotel in Mumbai. Right from a variety of pet food to a spacious lawn for walks, the hotel had everything. They had a separate cosy bed too for my pup, which was like the cherry on the cake.”

Dr Shantanu Dhakad and Dr Meenakshi Dhakad, who took their dog along for a beach vacation, tell us, “We found a pet-friendly property in Puducherry. The place is spread across 40 acres, and they even have a daycare centres for pets! We could leave our dog behind when we were out sight-seeing. There were several other pet parents there, so our baby had plenty of company!”

Pet friendly rooms can cost anywhere between `1,500 to 60,000 depending on the hotel or resort. While some charge extra for pets, others include the cost related to them in their fees.

Pro tips to keep in mind when travelling with paws;

  • Carry extra food that your pets like, because they might not like the food at the hotel or the area around
  • Ensure that an ID tag is attached to their collar
  • Keep their favourite chewies and toys with you, so that it helps them calm down in case they’re anxious
  • Do your research about the local doctors and veterinary hospitals in the area, in case of emergencies
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