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MARS Petcare is India’s leading pet nutrition company. Its flagship brands are PEDIGREE®️, Cesar️ and IAMS®️ dog food, TEMPTATIONS® cat treats, WHISKAS®️ and SHEBA®️ cat food, DENTASTIX®️, BISCROK®️, and JUMBONE®️ treats. Its extensive product range is designed to fulfill pets’ nutritional needs and aims to increase the joy of pet parenthood. This has made MARS Petcare the market leader in pet nutrition in India. Their vision is to work towards creating a better world for pets.
With a rise in the number of strays battling to find shelter and food, MARS Petcare has organised initiatives to end homelessness and carry out feeding drives. As a company, the aim is to change the mindset about pet parenthood, creating awareness about the importance of correct and nutritious food for pets and undertaking various activities to end pet homelessness in the long run.
India is an important market for MARS Petcare because of the rise in adoption among nuclear families and the welcome of furry friends into single homes. The organisation is committed to improving the lives of pets by advancing science, innovation and care. Through its commitment to making the world a better place for pets, MARS Petcare supports responsible pet ownership through research, education and programmes to help owners care for their pets, as well as a focus on the social and health benefits that come with owning pets.

Ganesh Ramani, General Manager, MARS Petcare, said: “In a country with a large number of strays and community cats and dogs, it is heartening to see an increase in cat adoptions. MARS Petcare supports this trend and aims to create awareness among pet lovers and parents to provide the best nutrition and care for our feline friends through our cat food brand, Whiskas. In addition to the cat food, with offerings such as Temptations cat-treats, we want to strengthen the bond between humans and their pets by creating special moments. MARS Petcare's Catsan cat-litter is another step that would help maintain hygiene for pets indoors. Overall, we want to create a pleasant pet parenthood experience. Through the Times of India Group’s wonderful initiative ‘Pets & Us’, we will be able to increase the visibility of MARS’ products and reach every household with our furry members.”

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