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Pet alimony for pampered pups & kitties

Ismat.Tahseen @timesgroup.com

Deciding to part with ways with your spouse? If you’re a pet parent, you may have to shell out alimony not just for your ex, but your pet, too. And it’s no small sum either! Divorce lawyer Siddhartha Shah says, “Couples are now engaging in a tug-of-war over pets, exactly like during child custody issues and a lot of emotions are involved, with couples squabbling over their upkeep and maintenance.”

‘I don’t want maintenance for myself, but for my pet’

Samisha Mehta, corporate consultant, who recently separated from her husband, says, “I don’t want maintenance for myself, but our Labrador, Zander. Why should my dog downgrade his lifestyle? We have always pampered him and provided him several luxuries.”

Gourmet food, grooming at pet spas, etc, are what make the maintenance amount so steep. Shah says, “Couples ask for any amount between 15K-25K up front, besides monthly, yearly or even decade-long expenses.” Abroad, couples are even signing pet-nups!


According to Shah, “Statutory law has no clarifications for such issues, or codification for pets’ upkeep and maintenance.” So, what happens if one refuses to pay? “Often, one person threatens to take the matter to the police or court.”

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