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Fb. In. Tw.


My mother, Madhu Bhandari, is a real-life winner and is an epitome of courage, kindness, unconditional love, determination and humanity. My mother is my biggest blessing. Her life can be made into a film because she has always come out as a hero, a hero who has always fought the biggest battles of her life all alone endlessly with willpower, bravery and persistence. She always set the right example. I am proud, blessed and luckiest to have her as my mother. She is my mentor, guide and I’m her biggest fan. My mother has never given up, kept her values intact and always done what is right no matter how hard it is. My mother is a self-made, independent, respectful and best decision-maker. Throughout her life, my mother has struggled and lived on rented flats but ensured that her family be safe, happy and peaceful. She has sacrificed everything-her health, her time and all her finances for the happiness and prosperity of her loved ones. I want to be just like her. I call her “sweetheart”. She was an excellent student. She was a national-scholarship holder. She has done Economics (Hons.) from one of the most reputed colleges of Delhi-IP College for Women. Love You Maa Always😊

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