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Owning a pet makes you a better parent

Swati Tandon, Pet Expert

It will be fit to say -if you are not ready for a pet you are not ready to be parents yet. Owing a pet can really prepare you to be good parents. It not only gives you grounding but also makes you very responsible.

“i have just had a baby girl and my dog had really prepared me to be a mom, actually I was already a mom even before I had my baby.I was my Alice’s(my dog) mother” Says Tania Ahluwalia, mother of a newly born. Owning pets gives people a sense of parenthood.It puts us in a place where a being is dependent on us for everything. As pet parents, we practice nurturing everyday. Being a pet parent also prepares us about how to take care of infant children because like speechless animals, infants also can’t tell us their comforts and discomforts. When we take care of pets we become observant to figure out their needs which is a very important quality every parent should have.

Owning a pet is a long commitment, only people who can commit to a great responsibility like this can take on a bigger responsibility of being parents.

How we treat our pet can also predict what kind of parents we would be.The approach we have towards our pets is usually the same as we have for our children.So for example, if we are extremely lenient towards our pets we would be likely pampering our children. The same way if we are strict with our pets we would be disciplined with our children as well.

Keeping a pet also teaches couples to work together and be in synchronised with each others parenting style. Keeping a pet means taking on the responsibility of its food, walks, grooming and doctor’s appointments etc which gets divided between the two in a couple.This majorly helps couples in building a bond and trains them in nurturing a pet together, which is the same approach they should have towards a child.

Undoubtedly having a pet and a child are two very different things but owning a pet surely can be a very important learning in being a good parent.It not only helps couple’s grow their relationships but fills up their life with unconditional love and joy.

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