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Neha Deshpande Lovelekar


Through ages we have been hearing and watching, women do have certain roles which they have to fulfill. We often watch this at our homes. Our grandmothers and mothers are great examples of this. What they perform are “easy looking, difficult tasks.” Moving towards development, we also have moved to education leading to empowerment. Now, there is this term “Women Empowerment”. We all tend to define this term. But, how many of us live it?
Yes, things have changed to a large extent. Today we belong to the era where girls have right to get educated, women work in different sectors, build their own empires jumping into entrepreneurship, forces showing their physical strength and the list goes on. Let us ask ourselves a question, is the list unending? Are you not even once said “ladkiyan ye sab nahi karti”. Have you ever tried answering this or thought of breaking these norms?
Ladies out there, we don’t just have to break the glass ceiling by doing something extraordinary. We have to do things that would have affect on brain and heart by releasing the happy and motivating hormones. Do every tiny thing that makes you feel happy, motivates you, builds up your confidence and helps you grow. Following are some points to live life of your choice.
1. Even when at home, Dress up. Look Beautiful. Feel good about your appearance.
2. Take out some time for exercise. Do meditate. Focus on your breath. If possible go for walk in green and fresh air. Calm yourself.
3. Take breaks. Go out for a coffee, either with friend or alone. Enjoy every sip of it.
4. Make friends. Go outing. Laugh and have fun.
5. Take out time for you hobbies. Do participate in small competitions.
6. Read. Listen. Read anything you like. Listen to motivating people.
7. Develop your communication skills.
8. Make yourself busy such that you do not have time even to think what to do next.
9. Though small, start earning. Pick up your interest and start working. Age doesn’t matter.
10. Last but not the least; be kind and polite to yourself. What had happened in the past, forget and forgive yourself.
Concluding, I would say, “Make the best out of your life”. Grab every opportunity. Work hard. Achieve your goals.
Women out there, you yourself are a great strength and power from within. Celebrate every tiny cell of yours. Celebrate your birth.”

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