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Nandita Sanker

“I believe my story is unlike most peoples.
I was a normal kid and at the age of fourteen and half in class 9 – was stuck with a brain hemorrhage which put me in a coma for 6 months and paralyzed the right side of my body. ( I was right handed) .
Life really came to an end because when i ‘woke up ‘ everything which I knew as life was gone. Except my family.
I had to relearn everything – how to speak , walk, turn a page , eat everything …. all things which people take for granted.
It was a very tough battle – i did masters in English literature and a diploma in. Journalism .
Years later i specialized in Strategic Management from IIM Indore. I also specialized in multiple areas of mental health and therapies ….
Today, *I am the cofounder of one of the largest training companies in the world – Middle Earth HR … which we started in 1997. I have travelled to over 15 countries and trained people from 60 different nationalities.

I am also the founder of My Inner Courtyard ( www.nanditaasthanasanker.com ) -a mental health organization working with people who have undergone trauma . We educate, coach and work on people who need support. i was one of the people who was recognized in the book ‘ Change your life’ written by Sneha Mehta published by Random House which talks about the top ten healers in the country
this is what my story is about”

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