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“Happy Women’s Day!!!
Years ago in the 1990s when I passed my Graduation with first class first achievements and was trying to find what to be and what not to be, my aunt Mrs. Jennifer Sheat wrote to me a letter with few inspirational lines saying-
Set your standards high, You deserve the best
Try for what you want, and never settle for less…..
Believe in Yourself, No matter what you choose
keep a winning attitude, And You will never lose…..
These words inspired me a lot. I chose a path wherein I would be my own Boss. At a certain point of life, which might also be called as a U turn, I tried to settle for Less. But I learnt a lesson again when I read the following words….

Think about your destination,but don’t worry if you stray
Because the most important thing is what you learn along the way….
Take all that you’ve become, to be all that you can be
Soar above the clouds, and let your dreams set you Free….

It is right and just to follow our dreams. Our dreams set us free and boost us to achieve our goals. I can sing, I can dance, I can read music, I can play a little ukulele or a little bit of keyboard. Am always grateful to all the people whom I met in my musical journey. Am also grateful to all those who insulted me, ignored me, took advantage of my behavior, humiliated me, troubled me, and so on…its because of them I became more strong. As it is rightly said, good people and bad people, both are important, cos good people give happiness and bad people give experience!
Friends, its my Life. Thanking God for the most wonderful gift of Life. Leaving today with another quote saying….
I am only One, but I am One…
I cannot do everything, but I can do something…
And what I can do, I must do,
And what I must do, by the Grace of God
I Shall Do…..

Thanking the special one who has changed my world too…..”

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