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“A simple passion became a mission in life -Mini Suboth is an artist by profession and Founder of the Organisation Akshayashakti welfare Association an NGO registered in Thane . As an artist went for a a Warli painting workshop for cancer affected children in a hospital in Mumbai . Seeing the suffering brought about a change inside and 2010 along with likeminded friends found the organisation Akshayashakti . The

organisation aims to support education , empowerment and health of needy . In Thane
started 7 women empowerment centre’s in the slum areas and empowered a lot of very needy women . During Covid Lockdown started community kitchens in needy slum areas providing needy women with cooking job and fed more than 200 needy homeless and pavement dwellers daily .This is a daily activity happening today also . This womens
day the organisation has a huge handicraft workshop at vartak nagar , Thane for 150 women . Our organisation has made a difference into the lives of poor , needy and abandoned women . We have a lot of success stories . Our goodness journey and mission still continuing”

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