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Fb. In. Tw.

Mahima Bajpai

“Being fit changed my identity from-
a fat girl to a go-getter

Most loved and chubby child

I was born obese and as people love chubby kids, I was loved for my obese looked. I always loved the love people poured on me. So, the conscious effort to get fit was not there and I kept getting fatter day by day.

Was proud of being a FAT girl

While growing up there was absolutely no control on the quality and quantity of food being consumed. This aided in weight gain and I reached 94 kgs during my teens.
My Family and my social circle still accepted me and applauded me for the young girl I was becoming.
Happiness is a choice.
I stayed happy in spite of the emotional and financial hardships I witnessed after my father’s sudden death when I was in school.
Life moved on, I grew up more responsible and sincere, constantly striving to be independent in everything. Finished my studies and started a career.

Welcome to the corporate world

Started my corporate career and then there was no looking back. I had only 2 priorities in life my mother and my job. Everything else took a back seat. Anyways health and fitness were always at the last seat.

OMG your daughter is not yet married

Well, after a certain age people start asking why are you still single??? In my case, the reason was quite evident.
No one was comfortable recommending an overweight girl for matrimonial purposes 😊.

Hurrey, we have caught the culprit

During all this that was going on in my life, I was diagnosed with hypothyroid, and yes, we all found the reason for my obesity 😊, was happy to put all the blame on my hectic job and HYPOTHYROIDISM. The medication started and the Dr was continuously insisting on weight loss for better treatment.

Life turned upside down with fittr

I enrolled under a coach in 2017.
Hardly 1 month into my weight loss journey, I started seeing some great changes in my physical and mental health. I lost 30 kgs in 1.5 yr. This changed not just the way I looked but also the way I looked at life and the way, the world looked at me.

A Dramatic turn- I landed in a fairy tale

In 2020 Covid turned the world upside down. Even I wasn’t untouched.
But I got a better view of my life, world, and future.
I decided to end my 17yr long career as a corporate trainer and became a fitness coach.
The credit for this swift and happy professional shift goes to my strong mental health. This weight loss journey made me mentally strong and sorted.
I launched my fitness company, started coaching people, and made my world beautiful and meaningful by helping people become a better version of themselves. With every passing day, I am also becoming better with my skills, knowledge, strength both physical and mental.”

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