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Kirti Parnami

“Every day is a story in every women’s life. How you play your part in that story, defines your journey.
From a very young age, I never shied away from questioning and taking a stand, even if it meant standing alone. Many things came, very early in life, but I think finding work, and giving it my best kept me moving.
Two years of the pandemic threw everyone in a situation no one had ever seen before. For me, it was like being blown back to the base just when you are reaching the peak. I nurtured KEYKIDZ with love, passion, and effort as a place where whoever walks in becomes a part of it. Just as the celebration of this in the decade year started, COVID kicked. All the toil, all the time, and all the hardship of around 10 years did a spin and asked with a smile, “Are you sure you will be able to handle it?”
This question was not new to me! And, will not be new to most women, who step up to take charge of things. My answer, as in the past, was the same to me – “Yes. I will do my best”. From live online sessions for children & parents to writing stories and starting a YouTube channel – KEYKIDZ TV, I kept it all going. Along with it, I also completed multiple courses and certifications.
During this period I also volunteered to lead the residents’ association of our layout. Since there were many open issues, and a lot required to be done, there were doubts and questions by many. “Are you sure you will be able to handle it?”, came again. My answer was the same again – “Yes. I will do my best”. I worked for the challenge I took and did set the ball rolling.
I am happy, that in the negative times I have been able to make a positive difference in so many ways. And, I feel blessed to have many to join me in this journey.
As women, we still need to keep proving to break the bias of ‘Can SHE do it?’ We still need to keep balancing on all fronts. We still need to keep carving our own way. But, as long as we keep believing and standing for ourselves we can keep writing our own stories.”

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