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Kanaka Ananth

I always loved taking the roads untaken,a foggy lane not knowing what would come ahead. The adrenaline rush that one gets when something unfolds in front of you is mesmerizing.  This led me to pursue architecture and design. Design really showed us how keen observation and innovative thinking can transform lives. I decided to pursue Toy design the road not taken by many back then.I was really excited to learn how just a game or toy can bring a smile on a persons face.A thought of play just makes us a child again. Life always brings you at crossroads and you need to take that plunge. I took the pivot to become a design educator. Having taught 500 + students and traveled on problem solving journeys, I always asked myself whats my calling in life. Having lost a loved one and faced a lot of personal challenges I realized Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present. That’s when I took another pivot of becoming an entrepreneur a road to start Studio Maniams and Maniams Toys. Toys that are inspired from our Indian culture,hand made by the strengths of Indian artisans. Maniams toys went on to win the All India Toycathon within a few months of its launch.

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