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Iti Rawat

“Iti Rawat is a powerful speaker for women rights and empowerment. She came from a small town of Patna to Bangalore with umpteen dreams in her eyes. After 10 years of rigour in corporate world she plunged out of her dream job in Apple India into entrepreneurship world. Needless to say the world was a tough one. While she was gathering pieces here trying to make a mark, she realised getting funded for a small business is tough and even more if you are a woman. Everyone had a biased lense to see you.
She believed in herself and started a not for profit called WEFT Foundation to support women entrepreneurs. Growing it from 2000+ women entrepreneurs membership in just 2 years. WEFT provided networking, funding opportunities and more growth opportunities for women entrepreneurs onky. When pandemic struck. Hopes were getting lost. India was hot the severest when it comes to women entrepreneurs closing businesses. It was also reported that domestic violence at that time was at a 10 years high. At that time she created ‘Red Dot Initiative’. A red dot on the palm became a symbol of hope for many. If you carried a red dot on the palm ->you are a domestic violence victim. She along with her volunteers team aided in the victims rescue, provided mental health counseling and then made them financially independent by providing jobs or entrepreneurship opportunities to them. Red dot initiative since pandemic has touched 200+ lives so far. Her ground level work in Project Samanta has helped many underprivileged women who were domestic violence victims sigh a new hope of life. She has helped them open tea shops, tailoring businesses and more.
She is changing India in real sense, while supporting women, building an ecosystem for them. And believing in the power of women at workforce. Iti is not just a dreamer, but a has dreamt dreams within another and made it a reality. A true changemaker.”

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