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Importance of taking help from a credible consultant for hassle-free enrolment

Importance of taking help from a credible consultant for hassle-free enrolment, affordable course fee, and to choose the right course, right university, and the right destination

Selecting the right course & university with an affordable fee structure in the dream location is the primary focus of any student wishing to study abroad. Each country and institution may have its own norms when it comes to admitting international students and it may be tough for the prospective students to take an informed decision. This is where the role of a credible consultant or a consultancy organization becomes important. An experienced and credible consultancy service will not only give expert assistance but also can systematically clear all the paperwork for your application, admission, scholarships, and accommodation as they are well versed with the entire process. The education consultancies act as facilitators who can counsel and guide students to get admission to their dream universities.

The advantages of approaching credible consultants are:

Expertly assistance for admission procedures

Dreaming of an international degree is an easy task. But to achieve one is daunting. Identification, documentation, and guidance to standardized tests like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT & SAT, PTE, are taken care of by credible consulting services. Firstly, these agencies focus on students’ application forms. They assure that it contains only the relevant personal and professional details. Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an important ingredient in the application process and there should be a strong reason for a candidate to pursue the studies in a particular stream that is in line with his prior academic or extra-curricular or work experience. If the right fit cannot be established via an SOP, even though the student may be good at academics the application will be rejected by the university/college. A good consultant always suggests an option with a strong reason to substantiate it and they will be able to point out the missing links. The consultants help in drafting SOPs and letters of Recommendation (LOR) describing the career goals, academic qualifications, and skills of the students. These documents are crafted in the right format, font, and tone without exceeding the word limit.

Fund arrangements & visa requirements

Generally, the education consultants focus only on attaining the offer letters which is only the first step of foreign study preparation. The reason why the percentage of students who finally make it after getting an offer letter is only 40% is because of overlooking the financial and visa processes. Good consultants will parallelly guide the candidate with fund arrangements and visa proceedings once the destination is finalized. During the visa process, the visa interview is a very important part of the process. During the interview, the embassy officer would try to find out if the student has plans to settle down in a foreign land or not. A good consultant will have smart and effective ways of handling the visa interview from this standpoint and get the prospective candidate ready with all required documents to substantiate this claim.

Scholarships and financial assistance

Since students are keener on scholarships, many agencies push students to extension schools and colleges situated outside the township. There are poor quality institutions in any part of the world. Investing in any foreign college won’t bring in a good career change rather exposure level is the important factor to be considered. A good consultant will be focused on providing advice taking all these factors into consideration rather than attracting students by various scholarships options. A good consultant will parallelly guide the candidate with fund arrangements and visa proceedings

Choosing the right course

The education consultancies undertake thorough research by mapping the applicant’s profiles to their career goals. They initiate a sequence of procedures like identifying the goal intensity based on the previous academic record or work experience, conducting self-assessment, evaluating skills and aptitude, researching various courses, and recommending the rights ones. A good consultant will always suggest an option with a strong reason to substantiate it. If a right fit is not found between the career aspiration of the applicant and the course a huge gap may arise which may be detrimental to the future of the applicant.

Selecting a foreign University or a country for your higher studies is a long process that requires careful preparation, attention, and coordination of all actions. A good education consultant may be able to give professional support and help in informed decision making so selecting a good consultant is the key in the whole process. It is very important that the aspirant and the consultant work together and share camaraderie and so the aspirants should enquire in-depth before finalizing an educational consultant and based on interactions choose a credible consultant.

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