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How to take care of your pets in winters?

Swati Tandon, Pet Expert

With winters approaching we are all set with our overcoats and boots in place. For some this misty season of love can be romantic but too cold a weather can be a little uncomfortable for your furry friends. So here are a few tips on how we can take better care of our pets this winter.

Wrap them up

Like us its always a good idea to get them a coat or a sweatshirt, It not only keeps them warm but also makes them look extremely stylist and cute. One should daily remove the coat and ensure brushing their fur to avoid matting. We should also make sure to keep the coat clean and dry.

Walk them in the sunlight

Mornings and evening can be quite cold in winters its always a good idea to walk them in the afternoon.

Give them a bath in the day

Giving them a bath very often in winter is not a good idea, even then if you feel they are getting dirty and need a bath carefully choose a day which is comparatively not as cold and give them a bath in the day time with good sunlight to keep them warm.


Honey has multiple benefits for your dog including keeping them from cold. A little bit of honey can help in cold and cough but be careful as too much of it can be harmful too.


If you don’t like to cuddle with your furry friend and let them sleep in your bed you should consider buying a bed for him. Carefully choose a bed which suits his size and comfort that can keep him cozy and warm.

Keep them dry

Keeping them dry is very important in winters. If they stay wet for too long they can catch cold or even worse develop pneumonia

For the strays

For the people who like helping the stray ones on the road it is very important to understand that whilst in our nobel intentions we make them wear sweatshirts and coats to keep them warm we actually end up harming them. As they stay outdoor the mist collects on their coats making them wet. They keep wearing these wet coats and fall ill. If you want to make them wear coats or sweatshirts you should change them daily and make sure they are dry.


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