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How to take care of desi breeds


Desi dog breeds are having a bit of a moment following PM Modi’s speech extolling indigenous pooches, and social media has been abuzz with posts on  how they are the most suitable pets for Indian homes.

However, despite having better immunity and a higher threshold for the extreme Indian climate than their foreign counterparts, these dogs are not easy to keep. Being sighthounds, most of these breeds are originally hunters and are still used for the same purpose in different parts of the country. So, despite their impressive agility and speed, they are aggressive, territorial and often intolerant to other animals, and require the right type of diet, exercise and care.

Set them free

Natural hunters, they need to run and exercise in open spaces, minus their leash, to channelise their extra energy which could otherwise turn destructive

Socialising tips

They are unusually shy and territorial, and need to be socialised with humans and other pets early

Proper diet

Even though their protein requirement is not very high, a balanced diet is necessary. Feed them two to three times a day. Meat, curd, rice and veggies are good for them

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