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How to choose the right vet for your pet

We hope to provide the best for our pooches and we blindly follow all instructions given to us by the veterinarian, but how do we know if the doctor is good for our pets or if he is doing a good job. Selecting a vet can be tricky as unlike human dogs can’t tell you if they are feeling better after his treatment. It takes a very experienced and qualified vet to figure out the health issues in animals as our pets cant voice out their discomfort.

Most animals have have a very strong coping mechanism and would not show signs of illness until they are extremely unwell. Keeping this in mind we should immediately seek medical attention if we see any symptoms. We should always consider a veterinarian who is close to our house as it will help in emergency cases and we will not loose time in the travel.

You might also need to check if the doctor is available after clinic hours incase your pet needs attention late at night.It will be nice if the doctor can do home visits if not the doctor should definitely be available on the phone for emergencies.

It is important to do your research before you select a veterinarian for your pet. Read reviews or talk to pet parents that have been consulting the doctor. Visit the clinic to see how the doctors and the staff treat other animals.

If an animal is unwell its immunity tends to drop, in such a case if the environment is not hygienic there are chances of the pet getting more infections. Visit the clinic before you take your pet there for the first time. Check if the clinic is hygienic and the doctors and attendants use clean and disinfected tools.

Small clinics might not be well equipped. Make sure to choose a clinic that has high end equipment and machines that might be needed in treatment. This will save you time and you will not have to run to a different clinic for X-rays and scans.

Checking the qualification of the doctor should be important. The veterinarian should have least have a masters in veterinarian sciences or animal husbandry. You should also consider checking his experience of practice.

Once you select a vet avoid changing the vet as it is always advised to stick to one doctor. They know the medical history of the dog and doctors tend to take better care of their regular clients.

Changing vets in the middle of a treatment can cause complications in the cases.

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