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How to ace online exams?

Do you want tips for writing online exams? We’ve gathered some basics for you to follow, so you can come off with flying colours this semester. Pro Tip: Be calm and you will do well.

  1. Test Your Technology

Test that everything works on your computer prior to the exam. Check your browser and any other apps that are required. Also, don’t forget to keep a charger close by!

  1. Don’t Leave The Test Page

So, you think you can quickly Google what you don’t know during an online test? WRONG. If you leave the test page, you risk losing access to it again. Specific apps and websites are used to lock you out once you leave. Furthermore, copying the tab and reopening the exam in a different window may lose all of your work.

  1. Focus Is Crucial

Find a way to stay on track. If you’re living in a loud home, block out the noise so you can concentrate. You might not be able to wear headphones or listen to music while you write online exams (because it looks like you’re cheating on camera), but what about earplugs? Find a secluded area and let everyone know that you’re writing the exam so they don’t bother you.

  1. Unforeseen Tech Problems

This can happen to anyone. Even after testing the equipment beforehand, your laptop might decide to do an impromptu shutdown — without permission. DON’T PANIC. Contact your instructor right away and let them know what happened. Detail the exact problem, the error messages received, and also take a screenshot or photo on your phone to prove that you’re not lying.

  1. Pace Yourself

You don’t need to rush through it all, but keep an eye on the clock. Before this exam, you should review the guidelines, expectations, and test format so you know how long to spend on each question.

  1. Proofread

It’s easy to overlook an unanswered question on your computer. Review everything before submitting it — accuracy, spelling, and grammar. Don’t leave any multiple-choice questions unanswered. Once you’re positive you have done it, it’s time to submit.

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